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Laser Dentistry

We at Lovesmile are focussed on what we deliver to our patients and therefore we have the state of the art technology in dentistry – lasers using waterlase iplus and epic 10. Lasers can cut teeth and soft tissue by release of energy and therefore no physical contact with the tissue itself. Lasers are the cutting edge in dentistry giving some major advantages over conventional methods of treatment. Lasers are bactericidal (can kill bacteria) and therefore can achieve better results when employed for the following treatments.

The applications of lasers include, but not limited to:

  1. Periodontal treatment – treatment of gum disease: Since lasers can kill bacteria (bactericidal) better results are achieved.

  2. Blood less surgeries – along with making the incision it can stop bleeding when performing surgeries. In surgeries such as frenectomies (elimination of low level of frenum, which results in midline spacing) there is no need for sutures and results in a scar free rapid healing.

  3. Drill less fillings - Dental fillings can be done without the use of drills, thereby almost eliminating the need for anaesthetics and therefore no needles.

  4. Implant treatment – Lasers can eliminate bacteria in the surgical field and therefore it makes it possible to place implants in even infected sites.

  5. Teeth whitening – due to the high power discharged rapid whitening effects are achieved.

  6. TMJ Pain – muscle pain related to TMJ problems/ bruxism can be eased off with the heating effect of lasers.

  7. Gummy smile treatment – repositioning of the position of gums, so that a better smile is achieved.

Pain free dentistry - when combined with the wand, lasers makes dental fillings a pleasant experience. There is no drilling and therefore no vibrations and no crack lines generated in the tooth structure.

Guarenteed improvement with our Intensive Gum Care Programme

Lovesmile - Intensive Gum Care Programme

Personalised treatment plan using multimodal approach to give you the best results. This is a one to one programme with Dr Dix P Prasath,who will design bespoke treatment plans based on systemic and local factors combined with life style, diet etc. Treatment includes a wide range of modalities from basic clean to advanced pocket therapy using Lasers - waterlase iplus and epic 10.

Periodontitis - Gum disease

One of the most neglected aspects of oral health care since it is a silent killer. Untreated gum disease can result in loss of one or more teeth.


Due to its multifactorial etiology, the treatment approach is very poorly understood. Use of antiseptic mouthwashes such as corsodyl or listerine on its own can improve the symptoms, but not treat the condition. Proper treatment requires good understanding of the underlying causes and this demands an one to one, personalised approach.

Intensive Gum Care Programme

Due to the destructive and aggressive nature of the disease, based on clinical experience it was identified that only an intensive, close monitored method of treatment can control gum disease.

As part of this treatment a multimodal approach is undertaken which includes but not limited to

  1. Laser assisted periodontal therapy

  2. Low Level Laser Therapy

  3. Targetted deep cleans

  4. Oral hygiene and life style modulation support

  5. Smoking cessation support

  6. Local delivery antibiotic systems

  7. Adjunctive surgical or occlusal modifications eg. reverse vestibuloplasty to reduce gummy smile.

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