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Tooth Filling

Cosmetic white fillings – Porcelain and composite

We use the best possible materials to restore the teeth in white, ensuring that the best and most reputable brands are used. Using CEREC we can also provide ceramic fillings.

White fillings are cosmetic and also don’t have toxic mercury making it a preferred choice. Due to its technique sensitivity and cost of materials it is more expensive than the traditional amalgam fillings. We also use the state of art technology in providing you with these restorations. SonicFill by Kavo is used to achieve a homogenous and void free restoration. We are also constantly upgrading our equipment in this sector to keep abreast of the latest developing technologies.

White fillings are carefully crafted to blend in completely, leaving you with a lovely smile of which you can be proud.

What are the benefits of Fillings done by us?

  • Amazing results.

  • Highly skilled, experienced dentist.

  • Smile & laugh with confidence.

We will usually numb the tooth and its surrounding area with a local anaesthetic, and will drill the decayed material from the tooth.

When the decay has been removed, the tooth will be filled with tooth coloured fillings. We will then shape the filling, so that it looks as realistic as possible, and so it does not interfere with the way your teeth meet when you bite and chew.

We want you to be confident to flash your white teeth with pride, not concern. To find out more about white fillings please give our friendly team a call on 0151 734 2221.

Cosmetic Pink Fillings

White fillings close to the gum when restoring recession and tooth structure loss as a result of abrasion or erosion can result in unsightly long white teeth. This can be avoided using pink fillings, which will resemble your gums. This is also quite popular among patients and is sought after.

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