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Smile Designing and Makeover


Smile designing is a broad term in which various treatment combinations are used and bespoke on individual patient requirements, suitability and feasibility. A bespoke treatment plan along with various options are presented to the patient, to ensure the patient is comfortable the dentist and the patient will discuss the various options considering their advantages and disadvantages. Once the treatment plan has been discussed and accepted the treatment can begin. Treatment is usually executed in various stages to achieve the best possible results. Such smile designing can include, but not limited to straightening, whitening of teeth, restorations and possible veneers or crowns.


Using our CEREC AC- CAD/CAM machine we are capable of digitally designing your smile with the integration of your photograph. The photograph is converted into a 3D model and simulations of various combinations, positions and shapes of veneers can be tried, so that the patient can approximately visualize the final outcome. This can then be directly processed within the practice and the makeover can be finished the same day.


We can also design your smile utilizing some of the best technicians across the country.

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