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Pain free injections – The Wand STA®


The Wand STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) is a unique system, which uses computer controlled delivery system so that pain or discomfort during local anaesthesia (injection) is minimised to almost zero. This system is quite popular among patients due to its potential to numb just one tooth and avoid surrounding tissues such as cheek and tongue being numb.


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1.What is The Wand?


This is a computer guided local anaesthetic delivery system that delivers the anaesthetic drug in a controlled way that the tissue doesn’t feel the pain.


2.Will I get the numb feeling in my cheek and tongue?


With The Wand it is possible to anaesthetise just a single tooth therefore you will not experience any numbing in the the tongue, cheek or lips. This is available via request from your dentist.


3.Does this use a different drug compared with the usual injection?


No, The Wand uses the very same ingredients (lignocaine / articaine) however the way the drug is administered is painless.


4.Does this cost me more?


Yes. Each session will cost £15, but you get discount if you are member of the practice plan.


5.Is it suitable for everyone including children?


Yes. It is suitable provided the patient can stay still. Most of the patients are managed successfully by Dr Prasath and should it be required can be combined with relaxation techniques or oral sedation to help calm the patient down.


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